Sony Michel for Josh Jacobs

Would you do this trade in a half-point ppr league?
I would be recieving Jacob’s.
Just want to know if this makes sense on a value basis.

i would do this trade 100% great value and sony is unpredictable

Thanks for the quick response man! I’m offering this trade in Hope’s of getting some RB stability on my roster.

A week or two ago I was on the Michel side, but right now I definitely want Jacobs ROS.

Thanks man! I actually was just offered Josh Jacob’s for Sterling Shepherd who is on my bench lol. I think in gonna take that offer. That is a must accept trade in your eyes right? I’m pretty deep at WR

Definitely! What a steal for you!:grinning:

That’s a steal yes, doesn’t matter if you were deep at WR or not lol

Kid pulled the offer :frowning: