Sony Michel for nick Chubb?

I was offered nick Chubb for Sony Michel. Do I accept it? Chubb has a great schedule and no one to share carries with. Sony has to compete with James white and a high powered offence

Hell no, definitely don’t

I’d definitely stick with Michel. I’ll take a share of a high powered offense (good RB with goal line carries) over the potential that Chubb does well on an OK Cleveland team. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to have Chubb, but not at the expense of giving up Michel.

Thanx guys for the input

Michel is going to get involved in passing so PPR no way. Chubb, I don’t think I have ever seen him catch a pass. If the game goes south Sony is still viable.

Sony does have the nagging knee issue but it looks like they are trying to keep him healthy but he has had that since the start so likely just par for the course with him.

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