Sony Michel - not good


Rookie running back [Sony Michel] underwent a minor procedure to drain fluid from his knee, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Saturday, via a source informed of the situation. The former Georgia star is expected to be back in time for Week 1

not a good sign of things to come if knee already has fluid issues

It’s a
Common procedure in the NFL

Common yes… but @ 23 before he has even started it’s not a good sign

It’s not that concerning

I wouldn’t be too concerned. If reports come out that he’s missing more training and/or is reported to miss the start of the season then that’s a cause for concern but it’s only a minor non-invasive procedure so not an issue

The procedure is done as an outpatient and local anesthesia so the procedure itself is minor. But the reason for the procedure may not be minor. In this situation, the commonest reason for fluid is inflammation which isn’t a good sign for an RB expected to start in 4 weeks. Would be surprised if he plays at all in preseason and wouldn’t be surprised if his usage is limited for the first month of the season.