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Sony Michel...ok!


Thank Jesus! Ian Rap reports MRI shows knee injury is not serious!!!


Unreal. Looked like his knee was ripped apart in that play .


He’s still listed as doubtful. I’m expecting to not have him next week, but if it’s only a 1-2 week thing then that really is good news.


Really good news. But yes def make contingency plans bc he could aggravate it, Pats will slow play him or not play him at all if they can win without him initially, etc. But yeah, that is great news for Sony owners


If he only misses 2 weeks, that’s not bad at all. I thought he was done for the year. Maybe he’s cousins with Mr. Rubberband himself Matt Breida…


Yeah, I’d love to know what his knees are made of. I’ve watched that play several times now and it’s hard to believe there’s no structural damage.


I keep getting excited thinking Mostert will take over and I’ll have a great starting sleeper on my hands, but Breida won’t freakin go down and stay down. Dude like gruesomely rolls his ankles has 400 pound linemen falling directly on his legs in contorted positions like 5 times a game, and then he just like limps it off every time. He is real life Gumby


His real father is actually Gumby… He bends and folds but doesn’t break…


Yeah but the real question is How much work is Barner gonna get?.. Im really considering picking him up but I will have to drop Tre’Quan smith to do it and Im not sure if Barner is gonna get much work the way Whites been playin