Sony Michel on Waiver

How much FAB should I drop for Sony Michel? For whatever reason, someone decided they would rather have John Ross. It is a full PPR 12-team league with $100 FAB budget. Thanks footclan!

If he’d go right into your starting lineup, I’d drop at least $50 on him. If he slides into a bench/depth role, no more than $25


A lot. You have to get him, you won’t get a better waiver opportunity all year in my opinion

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Wow thats nuts someone would do that lol but agree with Mr_Wind-up

55-65. He’ll be great depth or great trade bait even if you don’t need him.

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Agreed, whatever it takes to get him. You know your league. Whatever the high bid usually is, just go higher than that


great! thanks guys!

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Did you get him? Curious how much he went for?