Sony Michel or Jaylen Samuels Half point PPR

Looking like Conner isnt playing…

should i roll with

Samuels or Michel this week… Half point PPR

I think I’d go Samuels just because of how much Burkhead’s return has affected the RB situation. I feel like Samuels being the only back in Pittsburgh will have a better shot at getting into the endzone than all of the options other than Michel in New England. I could be wrong, but I’m benching Michel as well.

Yeah im just really overthinking this move cause i was an idiot and sat Damien Williams and played Aaron jones instead this week… Im so scared to lose now haha… (FacePalm)

Dude, I sat Damian Williams for Mark Ingram! I played Justin Jackson, but man, Williams lit it up. Everything I read was saying how he’d split carries and he’s a pretty crappy RB. If Ingram doesn’t get into the endzone I’m finished.

Ive had Hopkins and Houston D play already, I also had Lindsay toss a poop log this week too… but my opponent has had Kelce, Landry, McGuier and the Chargers Kicker play already… Its 45-30 for me right now, but he has McCaffery and that guy scares the hell out of me