Sony Michel ROS PPR or Mark Ingram

I think the matchup this week benefits Ingram more than Michel… But what are your guys thoughts ROS and through the Fantasy playoffs?

Wow… Thought someone would have an answer lol. People just as confused as me?

It’s a good question. ingram has better matchups ahead, also is involved in the passing game. If Sony gets the red zone work like he was pre injury i might prefer him. It’s a tough week to give definites. Also with news of Burkhead coming back in. If he has ANY role in the offense it changes things. You might have to just have to go with your own gut on this one unless someone pipes in with firm stats arguing one or the other.

I’m a little biased here, 2 weeks ago I traded away Ingram for Sony In a standard league. Of course Ingram has gone off the last 2 weeks. The 3 games in which Sony was healthy and Rex B was out Sony was an RB1. My hope then and now is that Sony will return to RB1 form even with Rex back in (despite struggling against the Titans). However… I’m starting to regret that trade, although Sony is listed as healthy if you watch his injury it’s hard to believe he’s already suiting up. Its a risky trade, Ingram is safer but Michel has the higher upside.

God… Wish I hadn’t gotten offered this trade lol. I had no problem keeping Ingram ROS. But the thought of having Michel as the 3rd back/Flex option sounds so tasty lol

Any other opinions Gents?

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