Sony Michel ROS

I am in a 12 team, .5 PPR league. I already have Zeke, Jordan Howard, and Royce Freeman. Someone dropped Sony Michel and I am putting in a bid on him. How much FAAB would you spend out of a $100 budget to grab Michel?

How many RBs can you start in your line up?

2 RB and a Flex. Got Freeman in the Flex spot now, but no real depth on my bench.

I’m a big michel believer so I’d spend more than normal just to secure him. But you can probably get him locked up for like around 20 right now given injury concerns. I’d personally drop like 25-30 to make sure I got him.

I agree with the around $20 bid, maybe go $21 to beat any $20 bidders.
The Pats RB situations are always tough to read, but they also haven’t drafted an RB in the first round in a while that I can remember…with Hill on IR that at least frees up some touches for Michel once he’s healthy and comfortable with the play book. Rex is injury prone so if/when he misses some time Michel’s skill and opportunity combo should lock him into lots of touches ROS.

I actually had placed a $21 bid. Just wanted to see what opinions others might have in case I want to change it before it processes tomorrow.