Sony Michel, Royce Freeman, or Kerryon Johnson ROS?

Which one would you rather have ROS?

wow that is tough. All 3 are sort of in the same situation, as part of a committee.

You could ask 10 different people and probably not come up with a real consensus, but I’d personally go like:

  1. Freeman
  2. Johnson
  3. Michel

Kerryon and Sony are extremely close for me, only reason i put Kerryon slightly ahead is because Blount looks like he’s pretty much washed up, which makes me think Kerryon will be the preferred early down guy.

I think Freeman has some real upside left. I don’t see Lindsay doing this the whole season.

Id go:


Michel is on a high scoring offense and we already know NE can produce more than 1 relevant fantasy RB
Johnson is the best running back by far in Town
I dont see Lindsey slowing down in Denver for Freeman to take over

I think licc85 is dead on. Smaller backs cannot carry the load all season long without missing a few games. Freeman is on a team with a very good defense which benefits the run game, and a good enough offense to give him plenty of opportunities to score.

I have Freeman on my bench this week for a few reasons, but I think by the end of the season he will be an every week starter for my team. Johnson is on a bad team, that could lead to more touches, but its also generally better for fantasy to be on a good team. That line is bad too. Michel is in a big committee(on New England of all teams), though he is easily on the best offense of the three. Freeman has nothing to worry about from Booker, and I find it highly unlikely that Lindsay will stay healthy if they keep using him like this. Not that I’m sitting here hoping the guy gets hurt, but I’ve seen enough football to know its just not what usually happens.

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I think licc85 is right. Freeman has the upside despite Lindsay stealing a lot of his touches. The problem with the other two is that, on the New England side, the offensive part has so many weapons in both air and ground that the points are split between them and on the Detroit side, it´s pretty much a passing offense, with a 70/30 benefit to the passing game.

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Also, I’m pretty sure no one was game planning their defense these first 2 weeks to stop Phillip Lindsay, because literally no one thought he would play any snaps. Now that he’s out there, and there’s some film on him, defenses are going to have him on their radar.

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