Sony Michel, Tarik Cohen, Matt Breida

Three questions about three young RBs:

  1. Is Cohen worth picking up? The bears offence today looked better than it did the last 3 weeks with Cohen taking the lead…

  2. Can we expect Michel to continue performing this way? Will he be the lead back in NE?

  3. What’s the outlook on Breida without Jimmy G? Should I trade him now?

Bonus: If you had to keep 2, which 2 would you keep?

I would keep Sony and Cohen, although I would’ve said Sony and Breida if Breida didn’t have problems with his knee.

I’d keep Michel and Breida. I’m not getting hyped about Cohen after 1 game.

  1. Yes he is 100% worth picking up.
  2. Yes, Michel is a 1st round UGA pedigree (think Todd Gurley here) RB1 for a perennial super bowl contender. He will continue getting chances.
  3. I think Breida will not be utilized enough ROS to justify not considering trading him while his stock is still high. SF is destined to have a losing season, and he’s the most talented guy on the team with a knee problem. I don’t think SF will continue putting him in harms way if they don’t even have a shot at the playoffs anymore (whenever that day officially comes). He is concerning to me and I personally would be trying to sell high on him where I can.
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I don’t own Cohen anywhere and I don’t plan on owning him anywhere. I just personally don’t like owning scat backs and that is all he will ever be. You need these big explosive plays for him to be relevant and I don’t like relying on those.

I’d rather own Michel and Breida who are getting the volume on their teams. I’m not high on Breida either although I do think his value increased without Jimmy G just cause of the receptions. So if you can trade him, I’d do that too.

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Yeah honestly I would see what I can potentially get for Cohen + Breida. I bet that combo would kill over the next week.

I think if you have no other options then yes Cohen is worth a pickup.

I expect Michel to split the load with White. There is no way that he controls that backfield by himself, however that being said he is still valuable with said split. The Pat’s like to run up the score and they play bad D this year… all has the recipe for him to have some big weeks.

I think Breida is going to be fine. Carlos Hyde caught 50 balls from CJ Bethert. Bethert is not a downfield passer and I think Breida is going to get a bulk of the work in SF.

If I am keeping 2 its Michel and Breida.