Sony michel value! DYNASTY trade advice!

Wat is Sony michels value ? I’m having a hard time putting a price tag on him.

In my dynasty PPR league I have been offered trades from guys from as high as Diggs or thielen to Emanuel sanders. What is an offer u can’t refuse and what is undervalue?

I’ve got :
miles sanders/ Howard
Dalvin Cook
Justice hill
Ryquell Armstead

I really only have 3 starting rbs. 1 of which is Sony. Would anyone be gutzy enough to take the trade for DIggs or thielen. (Who holds better value?) I have kupp juju and boyd as my top 3 options

Any help or thoughts on these players values would be intriguing to hear.


I am a Diggs owner/ fan. In a start up draft Diggs is going a couple rounds higher than Michel. He is way younger than Theilen and will give you better value. Diggs by a long shot to me over Michel.

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Someone offered you diggs for Michel? You should be smashing accept if thats still out there. And this is coming from Michel’s #1 fan on these forums last season.

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I would just hold on to sony. The diggs offer is kinda ok.

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I like the Diggs for Sony trade, but your starting RBs are pretty thin right now. So if you were doing that trade, I’d try to throw in Boyd for one of their RBs that can start right now. Might be a steep asking price since they are willing to get rid of Diggs for a time share RB.

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IMHO you definitely take Diggs. Figure out RB afterwards, but you are not in bad shape. Just thin.

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I ended up getting thielen who I then flipped for cooper.