Sony Michel vs Dion Lewis in wk3

Struggling to stay afloat at 1-1 in my 14-team dynasty keeper league without LevBell. Need some help from the FootClan.
I put an end to the Alfred Morris experiment on Monday, picking up a freshly dropped Josh Gordon (pre-Pats signing).
So, this week’s options for my RB2 are:
Dion Lewis in a brutal matchup (@JAX)
Sony Michel in a juicy matchup (@DET)

I was leaning more towards Lewis earlier in the week, but their respective match-ups really has me second-guessing.

Full PPR - by the way

Leaning Lewis. I feel like it could be a big day for Michel but I hate guessing on Patriot RBs and avoid it all costs.

Man…tough call,

Lewis’s floor is higher in full ppr, even with the brutal matchup.

Sony is a potential boom (Matthew Berry thinks this week is his coming out party), but what if it’s business as usual for the Pats around the goal line, and Burkhead vultures his red zone / goal line touches?

In the end, the scoring format tells me to go with Dion.

me too…historically, I’ve avoided the Pat’s backfield like the plague. Billy B doesn’t like to waste draft picks though and Sony was his 1st… that dude will get his and ball out, I just don’t know if it’s too soon this week.

part of me thinks this WILL be Sony’s break out game, because of game script. I could see the Pat’s taking the Lion’s to task and salting the game away with Sony the whole second half. Lewis just feels like the safer pick…with the PPR floor

I’m not so sure about Belichick and draft picks.

Ever see a list of the picks he’s made? If they can’t perform, he tends not to care what round he picked them. And he doesn’t mind getting rid of them, either.

That said, I do think you’re right that Sony will get his chances. I’m just saying that if he doesn’t do much with them, BB won’t hesitate to give him fewer chances going forward while relying on the reliable Burkhead.