Sony or Carson

Both of them are going in or around the 4th round. Would like to hear other opinions about 4th round running backs

I think Carson is more of a sure thing just because of the way the Pats use their backs, but I think reports about Sony not being good this year are wildly overblown. Plus if you get Carson, you can usually get Rashaad Penney in the 8th or 9th. He’s not only a great handcuff, he could be just as useful as Carson since the Seahawks are going to run so much this year.

Carson. Sony is probably the better RB but his use and knees are severe liabilities. It’s a shaking hands with danger thing but you never know. I thought the same with Juju. Loved the guy but was concerned about his knees early on last year in training camp. Reports of it being drained. That was a big red flag for me but, he delivered the goods on time and on target.

Carson is the safer play with a lower ceiling.

Sony is the higher risk with the higher ceiling.

The Patriots are really good at having all hands on deck in December / January when it counts. Unfortunately, that’s when most fantasy football seasons are over. At the first sign of trouble they’ll either limit Sony’s usage or shut him down in an attempt to have him fresh for end-of-season crunch time.

Pete Carroll, on the other hand, wants to give Carson the ball…a LOT.

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For me it is Carson. It is actually not even close for me.