Sony replacement. Start dalvin cook MVS or Peyton barber

Not going to risk waiting on Sony and then getting a 0. My options are limited with the bye and diggs already being out. Who should I start out of those 3? Or would you risk waiting on Sony and then pick up mvs?

Pick up MVS for sure cuz you’ll probably end up starting him. Great play this week.

I’d risk Sony and then play MVS worse case scenario. Cook is a crapshoot. He’s on limited snaps with limited opportunities to make big plays.

MVS is the play

So guys should I drop barber to pick up mvs? I already have d Adams I really don’t like starting two wrs from the same team

if you have no other options, a couple years ago you wouldn’t have asked this question about jordy + cobb/adams.

Aaron Rodgers supports two WRs easily every week, no problem starting both Adams and MVS

The talent level of Jordy and d Adams and Cobb back in the day makes that a really dumb comparison. Mvs is a td dependent rookie with 2 good games this year.

I guess barber isn’t actually good so it’s not like it’d be a big loss if I dropped him. Now if Sony is suddenly active do you start him or mvs?

Haha, im in the same boat for my Flex spot.

Wait on Sony, or play Sutton, T. Williams, Ekeler, McGuire, David Moore.

I was insinuating that Rodgers can support production for more than 1 WR, like a more seasoned and refined Jared Goff.