Soonest you’d take Burton in a redraft?

I have pick 8.02… do I snag him here?

That’s not a bad spot to take him. I’ve grabbed him late 8 and early 9 in my 2 leagues.

Burton at 8.02 or gronk at 2.07??

round 8. I don’t ever look for TE’s before round 8 though.

Gronks great but like @arshagarbon said I dont look for te before round 8 and you’ll get more value by getting RBS early on

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Who wins this dynasty trade??

Long term or short term? If the guy getting connor has bell and a stacked team they win this year. If the person sending connor is in rebuild then they win. No one wins or loses unless bell isn’t a part of the equation.

I get Penny. I’m not in rebuild. Other team gets Conner. He doesn’t have bell and he is in full on rebuild

Idk how long he’ll keep this trade on the table…

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My team^