Sooo confused on who to start now. Help?

Scenario: I’m 6-0 in this league, with a couple close calls. But with some of the disappointing results from last week, I’m very nervous about who to start at WR (lots of options) and RB (not a lot of options) going forward. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Edelman (only player I feel like have no choice but to start)
Alshon Jeffery (coming off his best week of the season, facing Dallas next)
DJ Chark (very disappointing result against NO, facing Cincinnati next)
Stefon Diggs (MONSTER week but was completely unreliable before that, facing Detroit next)
John Brown (coming off a Bye, gets to face Miami next!)
T.Y. Hilton (Coming off a bye, has upside potential, faces Houston next)

Ezekiel Elliott (gotta start him)
Austin Ekeler (horrible week, Chargers not doing well, yikes!)
Devin Singletary (coming back from injury, gets to face Miami, but will they give him the ball over Gore?)

I would love to have more depth at RB, but can’t get any good trades for my wide receivers so far - folks are gunshy to trade with the undefeated #1 team.

Thanks for any thoughts!


That is a tough one!

Your RB call is much easier for me, I would start Elliott and I would still roll out Ekeler given PPR value. I would still wait to see how thing shake out in Buffalo in terms of the carries, but you’re not wrong about the nice matchup in Miami.

Your WR’s are certainly more difficult. You have an incredible group of mid-high end WR2’s with WR1 upside every week. I would definitely start Edelman and then it’s really a crap shoot. I personally would start T.Y. Hilton, but Chark Is a close second given how consistent he has been. Is this is 2 WR or 3 WR starting league?

If I was you, I would absolutely be trying to sell Diggs high right now for a RB. You might be able to get a solid RB2 for him…for example, Phillip Lindsay or Josh Jacobs or Marlon Mack who seem to be on the rise now. Also, you could try to package Diggs with someone else and try to go after someone like Leveon Bell.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the input! I have struck out on trades for Mack and Lindsay, trying to work Josh Jacobs.

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Follow up, struck out on Jacobs, but I did get someone to trade me straight up Diggs for David Montgomery. Not exactly my favorite back, but he’ll do!

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Take what you can get! And he’s still a starting RB.

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I think TY is a lock this week, and Chark too if you can WR3 or flex him. Your RB2 still isn’t easy but I think your new boy Monty would be safest, and Singletary might be best dice roll for a blow out if you can afford to go high risk (at 6-0, you probably can, but you can also afford to play it safe and miss his break-out game this week, and still cash in on him being good with the next four awesome matchups on his schedule.)