Sooo quick question

I’m my league. This morning I noticed that the zeke owner has dropped tony pollard and another owner has dropped Christian Kirk. Should I be jumping the wagon on any of these guys? Or just go on with my team. I have mcCaffrey, mixon, Kerryon, josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, miles Sanders. As my running backs. And Thielen, Godwin, MV-S, and Westbrook. As my receivers.

May be a dumb question on my part, but do you have extra players at other positions you could drop?

My bench is nothing but rbs and wr’s. Then the one kicker, one qb and one defense

I went running back heavy on my draft.

I think dropping MVS for Kirk would be fine. But I like your RBs a lot more than Pollard.

I’m liking that option.

I’d rather have Pollard and use as trade bait in 2 weeks for a team starting 0-2. You have no reason to start him over your current RBs. MVS and Kirk are personal preference.

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