Soooo...who ended up playing Wilson?


What were you expecting? He got 90 yards in a game where Kittle had 200. He did fine, just didn’t get the touchdown or hit the bonus, but close. He actually was a better play than Todd Gurley this week ! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL…I know. Was torn on whether to play him or Truby. LOL…neither made a difference. Played Truby. Fortunately…I still pulled off this week!!! Got through to next round!!! Just meant if I’d have depended on Wilson…and it would have been down to him for me, I’d have been done!!!

And yeah…LOL…had Gurley as well!!! :roll_eyes:

Fortunately…on to next round. Sorry if my post was misleading y’all!!!

Just posted this to see who Wilson ended up ruining P/O weeks for. Especially since it could have very easily ended up being me!!!

I didn’t start him. He would have been the worst of my RB options given my others so I picked right there.

I need to win out to make sure I am champ.

I had a one game lead and dropped the game this week by less than ten thanks to said Gurley/Cooks. (2nd time in 79 games a McVay OC or Coached team didn’t have a touchdown)

So now we have 3 teams at 10-4 and two at 9-5 and looking at the schedule there is a scenario where we end up with FIVE 12-5 teams at the end of the year. I have the hottest team in the league next week (CMC, A Jones, Cooper) and then two easier games. This could easily come down to who handcuffs well and picks up the right random guys for the final week.

This week is going to be a MUST WIN.