Sorry Foot Clan

I thought I was gonna get it- thought I was gonna get that foot clan title in both my leagues but I did not. Choke city.

Hope you guys survived and were triumphant.

Sorry to hear bro. I’m winning my 3rd place matchup at the mo, so it’s nice to finish th year on a win

Bad luck man, after all the let downs and injuries this had a lot more luck involved than usual!

Not to pile on but i manged to overcome Allen, Badgley, Mixon while leaving Robby Anderson on the bench and unless Kamara scores 30 standard points I’ve defended my title!! Pretty chuffed after losing OBJ, Green, Gordon, Allen, Cam, Cook all during and towards the end of the year. You guys all helped loads with waiver and trade advice so thank you footclan I salute you all

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I lost too… my first final ever. And I had a super team

Third place is better than nothing! In a lot of leagues, at least you get your league fee back!


That is definitely worth bragging about! Congrats man! That’s awesome.

So an update on my losses, I ended up winning one of my leagues. The final 12 yard run from Damien Williams sealed my victory by 1.2 points. I was down all day and Baldwin and Williams rallied and get me the championship.

I def lost my other league though…couldn’t defend my championship. I couldn’t overcome Aaron Rodger’s obnoxious day. It’s not even that-the Gronk goose egg killed me. Not just for that night but the season because of the name. I didn’t pick up any other TEs mainly because I couldn’t stomach leaving Gronk on the bench on championship weekend. I was looking at Herndon. You also suggested playing Howard over Mixon and I didn’t. It is what it is.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! And congrats on the win!!

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Thanks man I’m pretty chuffed, been dealing with the injury nightmare all year and thought it had final got me plus the duds gave me a scare.

Man the losses are tough but those close wins on the last play you can’t beat them! Pleased Baldwin lives up to he’s name when it mattered, i’d recommended him a lot.

Don’t worry I had to think long and hard abit a Gronk trade mid season but luckily got it right and then got Ertz after which helped but it’s always tough to bench a stud. Mixon was a gut feeling I should have trusted too, warning signs were there it was actually Mike on Twitter in a reply to me that swayed me back to him over Damien Williams - thankfully o survived lol!

Thanks man and the same to you!