Sorry for a kicker question, but

Should I drop James Connor (I’m not the bell owner, was holding just incase) for Ryan Succop? My kicker is Graham Gano but Succop has just been killing it this season. I think I trust the Titans offense more than the Panthers… I mean I think.

Sorry for the question about the worst position in fantasy lol. Thanks guys

If you want a different kicker, just drop the kicker you have to pick up the kicker you want. That’s what I would do.


That’s the most hilarious response I’ve ever read on the forums! I mean that’s the correct answer, just amazing how you put it so…plainly…obvious. (I’ve got a tear, maybe I need a nap.)

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Yeah I usually roster just 1 kicker and stream unless I find someone that’s on a roll like Forbath.

Succops on a bye so no real value right now but Conner could be Gold if Lev gets hurt.

I’ve been implementing the drop a kicker for a WR or RB until right before kickoff just so I can block others from having a guy that could pop or a handcuff that might have value if an injury occurs.

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Wish I could use that strategy, my league has a limit of 3 acquisitions per week (very stupid, been trying to get it changed). Thanks for the responses everyone, and again, sorry for asking a question about kickers haha

So they actually had my question on the air, i picked up buttkicker (monday night) and even though the ballers told me no i might pick up zurlein lol IF IM UP but i do want the points but butker is on bye next week. in your case i would keep connor jic and pick up succop on waivers youll probly get him

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