Sorry for another DJ question

DJ owner is obviously tilting. Posted in our league he wants to trade for a package of WR and RB but nothing stupid. I want to offer AJ green and Clement for him. Bad offer?

Yes, that’s too much in my opinion. Who are your other WRs?

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Sanders, Ridley, Allen robinson, Marvin jones. I felt like it may be an over pay but I’m kind of shaky at RB after Gurley. I was the Devanta Freeman owner and the IR stint hurt. So besides Gurley I have clement, Kerryon, Ito, and Royce.

I’d rather go Sanders/Clement I think. I think that’s pretty fair based on how DJ has been performing.


That sounds good. I’m going to try that and see if I get any traction. This league is kind of fickle so I just worry about pissing people off with my offers.

Think throwing in royce would be too much? I dont see myself starting him at any point really, hes just for depth right now.

I got him for Kerryon and Drake…some league mates seem to think I got fleeced lol don’t think so, I’m 6-0 and have Gordon, Conner and Murray. I love Kerryon but had to take the risk/reward and If things turn out well for him I’ll be a happy happy owner lol.

I dont think you got fleeced at all. That seems like a really nice move, especially with your top 2 backs.

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A 3-for-1 seems a bit much, especially since the other person will have to drop two players. I’d leave Royce out, especially since he’s injured

I sent both offers last night and got rejected. At this point seems like the only way I can pry him away is with an offer of AJ green + an rb. John brown and fuller are available on waivers so i _could _do it but is it even worth it for me?

I think I’d just stick with what you have. Your team is good as it is, and you’d be giving too much to get him

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