Sorry for the long post, need some trade talk

I’m in a .5PPR 12 team league that’s pretty competitive each year.
This year I decided to draft the worst team I’ve drafted in years (either thanks to too many adult beverages or just plain draft day jitters) and have been clawing my way out of the hole through waivers.

MY: Philip Lindsay / M. Lynch, D.Njoku, and G. Allison


HIS: Rex Burkhead, G.Kittle, DJ Moore

My Roster… His Roster
QB: Cam … QB: Rodgers
WR: D. Hopkins … WR: AJ. Green
WR: A. Cooper … WR: D. Jackson
RB: Lindsay … RB: S. Barkley
RB: Lynch … RB: R. Freeman
TE: Njoku … TE: K. Rudoph
W/T: C. Davis … W/T: W. Fuller
W/R: Q. Enunwa … W/R: R. Burkhead
BN: D.Freeman … BN: G. Kittle
BN: K. Johnson … BN: B. Ellington
BN: G. Allison … BN: DJ. Moore
BN: C. Sutton … BN: A. Jeffrey
BN: J. Allen … BN: M. Sanu
BN: K. Benjamin … BN: C. Clement
IR: D. Foreman

I can’t see through my own bias on this trade, no Idea if it’s stupid unbalanced or reasonable lol.
I really like Kittle, and would like to have DJ with Cam for the potential stack implications as the season progresses.

I honestly don’t see the appeal of this trade.

First off… Any royce Freeman owners are tilting a little bit… They would of been tilting so much harder as well if he didn’t fall into the end zone from the 1yd line and get a TD… Lindsay out snapped him 14 to 8 and had 107 yards to his 28 yards. So def hold onto Lindsay and make the royce Freeman owner overpay for him.

Burkhead… Not sure why you would want him… Yes he just played a tough jax team but he only had 6 att for 22 yards… And the pats are such a crap shoot with their RBs I mean honestly they could active a practice squad RB and he scores 2 TDs and runs for over 100 yards… It’s like playing the lottery with them… And with Gordon now on the team and edelman coming back in 2 weeks it just gets merkier for me… And he has a small tear in his knee. I just don’t see the appeal in aquiring burkhead unless it’s for super duper cheap.

Yes kittle should be a nice TE rest of season but not sure njoku is that bad of an option really… So I wouldn’t try super duper hard to go get kittle but for the right price sure… The guy your trading with doesn’t need kittle at all so you should be able to get him from him at a cheaper value… Its not like he is his only TE and he is giving up a starter.

Honestly if devonte Freeman is healthy I like your team alot… Got nice depth at receiver and like buck and kerryon as well rest of season.

I’d look to move Lynch and maybe go off Kelvin Benjamin TD this week and see if someone will buy into him… I’d package those guys up together and get a nice RB2 or a nice WR2…

I’m not sure what trade you could make with the guys team your showing me… But if you do trade make sure he pays up for Lindsay…

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That is the perspective I was looking for! Thanks for walking me back from the ledge, I just couldn’t see past the fog of my own aspersions.

Take note fellas, this was some real talk with a solid, stable, logical breakdown.

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