Sorry to all the Drake and Moore owners

Been around here singing there praises for weeks telling everyone to sit tight and keep starting them. Well, I’m definitely eating crow this week on both of them. I honestly don’t know what to do or expect from them anymore, and i don’t know there ROS value. Sorry to everyone who i kept telling to start these guys full throttle lol.

Next week personally starting Robinson and Hunt at the 1 and 2, and Thomas as WR1, going to have to play matchups now with a slew of Deebo, Moore, Gage, Davis, and Jeffrey for WR2. Will likely sit Drake in favor of Gaskin or one of those WR’s for the flex.


You aren’t the only one. I told several people to keep Drake in as well, especially with the soft defense schedule they had.

I will say though, the past 2 games ARI has been down early, so Drake has been basically scripted out of the games before half time. In addition, the last 2 games Murray has struggled.

Overall, there is a sliver of hope for Drake, but he isn’t more than a mid to low RB2 until he and ARI prove otherwise.