Sounds crazy but would this be a decent trade? whir

My team consists of:
QB: Tom Brady
WR: Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, DeVante Parker, Danny Amendola, Willie Snead
RB: Kareem Hunt, Chris Carson, Ameer Abdullah, Buck Allen, Duke Johnson Jr
TE: Jimmy Graham, Hunter Henry
K: Will Lutz
DEF: Houston, Cincy

12 team standard league

The question im presenting to yall is:

Somone is offering me Zach Ertz and Kelvin Benjamin for Mike Evans and Jimmy Graham

Do yall think this is a bad deal with how stacked my WR’s are?

Hmm, not sure on that one. Evans is the best player in that trade. Benjamin and Graham didnt practice today. I’d wait and see to see if they practice the next couple of days before trading, sleep on it bud. Good luck

I don’t like this trade for you at all. Evans is your 2nd best player (hunt obv), Benjamin slots into your 3rd best wr and is likely a match up play. It also boxes you into a corner should jordy or Parker get another injury and miss time.

Ertz and Graham difference doesn’t make up for the downgrade in value in my opinion.

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???..anyone else got any input?

I wouldn’t take the trade as it stands. You’re giving up a quality WR for a man who can’t stop eating cheeseburgers. Ask for a better WR. The TE doesn’t matter at this point since you’re not really getting anything quality in return for what you’d be giving up.

If you don’t get a quality WR that doesn’t love to roll around in cheeseburgers all day, then nix the trade.

what about the trade of:

Mike Evans
Jimmy Graham

Lamar Miller
Zach Ertz

Nope. Don’t do it.

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Nope. That should either be Bell or Hunt. That’s the level I would shoot for. You’re giving up #1 potential for a guy in Miller who might not be on the field for much longer.

If you make it a 3 for 2 deal, then you might be able to tolerate it. Don’t take on other people’s broken toys.

Both of those trades are complete rip offs.