Special Teams (Yahoo League)

So this is my third year as commish. Did a good settings review this year and realized that in yahoo default, DST is more D then ST. Looking for some advice on that (and no I am not getting rid of DST if that is your advice)

Current settings where ST can get points
Block Kick = 2pts
Kickoff and punt return TD = 6pts

I also have return TD set to 6pts and return yards set to 25 yards/1pt. But these settings impact the returner and not ST as a whole

The only other option in DST settings that can impact ST is return yards. Don’t have it used right now. So question is, would using return yards on ST and on the specific player be too much? What do you do in your league?

Otherwise the league is a fairly standard 1/2pt ppr league so no other weird settings outside yahoo default.

thanks in advance for your reply. Cheers!

Seems like too much additional work to track returns for DST but if your league is Into that level of data analysis then the more power to you.

It does look like it could equalize top DST scores if you check the link below it looks like the top FF scoring teams have lower return yards while lower scoring FF DST’s have higher return yards, except for Philly and KC.