Speculative Pickup-- ROBERT TURBIN or DONTE FOREMAN?

It seems either of these guys could take over their backfields. Looking for input on which is more likely to (or why one of them isn’t) for my last roster spot. Thanks. (PS- Also, when is FOREMAN eligible to return?)

If I wash going to stash 1, it would be Foreman. Less competition should things pan out.

if I was going to stash one it’d be Foreman. Love the talent and the situation seems a bit more favorable

We have two IR spots in my league. I’m stashing Foreman for sure. He’s the best back on their roster assuming he hasn’t lost a lot of his speed with the injury. The colts backfield is a disaster and Turbin mostly has TD upside only.

I dont think anyone is even thinking about Foreman right now, especially because he is 2 games minimum from returning. I say pick up Turbin and see what he does and what is his usage the next 2 weeks. If he does nothing then swap out for Foreman.