Spend rest of FAAB for Goff?

I have $27 in FAAB left for the season…spent the majority of it picking up Darius Leonard (dropped), Marquise Brown, and Damien William’s (dropped after week 2). A guy in our league took his 3rd straight loss last week on Goffs negative points performance so he dropped him like he’s hot, I have Aaron Rodgers and Jacoby Brissett, should I spend the rest of my FAAB and pick him up? For plug and play this week and by match-up the rest of the season.

As long as this isn’t a 2QB league you might not have to spend it all to get Goff, but I’d definitely grab him either way

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Alright thanks man, it’s definitely not a 2 QB league and the guy who had Mahomes has had Dak riding the bench the whole season. So I don’t really have anyone else gunning for him I think

Brissett is a decent enough fallback if someone does snipe Goff from you, so I wouldn’t drop all your FAAB on him

Good deal, thanks @SchlaggedReceiver , yeah I’m feeling pretty comfortable at QB after week 7 lol

If Goff is on your wire I would just stream QBs, save your FAAB

Update: waited till waivers ran, got him for $1 dollar…also picked up Jamaal William’s in Free Agency, someone dropped him and nobody else noticed