Spend the FAB?

A person in my league just dropped Nick Chubb. We do have an IR spot. My current RBs, Are Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake, And Freeman. I have 79 FAB dollars left. Do I spend the rest of my FAB on Chubb?

The rest of my roster is,
QB - Tannehill, Wentz
WR - Beckham, McLaurin, Woods, Samuel, Hollywood Brown, and Mike Williams.
TE - Tonyan, Gesicki

I wouldnt put it all in on him leave yourself just a slim amount we have a lot of weeks to go and this year has been injury riddled you want to make sure if soemone else goes down you can atleast bid something on it. until week like 10 try to keep some kind of stash of fab for emergency. Thats just my opinion though hes worth paying up for maybe like 65 also depends if you know what the rest of your league has left

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