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Spending BIG on DJ or Lev in an auction draft, is it worth it?


In an auction style draft, i’ll make the case for spending BIG (above projected value) on David Johnson or Lev Bell and I want to see if it holds up.

Considering a 12 team,1/2 pt. PPR league I’m willing to spend really whatever it takes for DJ or Lev Bell. Conservatively that number could be $75 out of a $200 budget. WHICH EVEN IF IT IS THAT HIGH I believe (based on how well I know my league) that’s about $15 more than let’s say what Lesean Mccoy or Devonta Freeman would go for. Take into account DJ put up over 100 fantasy points than Shady and over 120 points on Freeman, making DJ essentially an RB1 + WR3/Flex rolled into one. Also DJ’s production is going nowhere, the only risk I see here is injury related. So really, why wouldn’t you pay up for the top two guys if it’s only going to cost you an added $15 in auction?? Especially if I can snag some value WRs such as Crabtree or Diggs and a late round QB. Let me hear your thoughts!


I’m In a $200 auction draft. Keeper league.

Bell, ajayi, zeke, Gordon, gurley, Freeman, mccoy. We’re all kept.

So really DJ, Freeman and Murray were the only top backs left.

I went big on DJ… I already had ajayi and gurley but who cares DJ is like a rb1 and wr 3 in one player.

I got DJ in my draft for $65… Second player nominated in the draft. Murray went for $50 so I feel like I got good value.

So yeah I say go 65-70$ on him.

Try and nominate him early… I seem to get value on top guys early in the draft… Like first 3 picks…
As there is so many players left plp will let players go as there are still others available.

Hope that helps


Agree with this big time. I dropped $72 on DJ and was still able to get a solid supporting cast of Fournette, Jordy, Diggs, Doug Martin Etc…