Spicy offer

D.K. Metcalf for 1.02 rookie?

How stacked at wide receiver are you? And you you need a running back?

Took advantage of the poor chap who offered it and accepted yesterday. I currently have McLaurin, Sutton, Reynolds, Guyton, Pittman Jr, Gage, Mooney, Coutee, Washington and now Metcalf. I also have Waller, Tonyan and Herndon and at RB…Taylor, Gibson and Mostert. Gonna work for better depth at RB after the trade and May make more deals. The same guy also offered me Tyreek Hill for my 1.10 and Waller. I told him his internal value thoughts are off with that offer.

Yeah for sure. Your lineup is similar to one I have. I need to build depth at RB but have a solid Wr core. Adding Tyreek would be a solid add but for the 1.10 and Waller- no way that dude is smoking.