Spitballing dynasty QB trades

So I’ve got a pretty good team that I inherited from someone else this year but my only weak spot is QB. Currently have Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones, Mac Jones, and Trey Lance.

This is my first time in a dynasty league so I’m still feeling things out. Worth offering one of those guys for Tom Brady to the guy who also has Mahomes and Lawrence?

10 team, half PPR

While it may not matter, I also have Chris Godwin

I think you have a good core of QBs with the exception of Daniel Jones. You may be able to offer Mac Jones or Trey Lance for Tom, but I’d think twice. Why not see if either of them hit? You would definitely need to wait for one of them to be named a starter. Again, time will hit Brady eventually, I’d wait to see how the season begins.

Oh hell no. Brady in a dynasty? You’ve got two competent starters right now, and two highly-drafted rookies for the future. You, my friend, are SET at QB for a dynasty league!

By the way, did you know that when Daniel Jones was a rookie, two years ago, he was the QB6 in fantasy football ppg from Week 8 on? Then Barkley got hurt last year and he sucked, but now Barkley is back, and they have a true #1 WR in Golladay–a legitimate deep threat for the NFL’s highest-rated deep passer (betcha din’t know THAT about Jones either, huh).

No no no. You are looking good at QB.