Splitting draft over multiple nights?

I am thinking about splitting my league’s draft up into two nights this year. Night 1 - rounds 1-6, and Night 2 - Rounds 7-16.

My thinking is that this will increase awareness during later rounds and give everyone time to adjust their strategy for their first 6 picks. It can also be exhausting doing an entire draft within a few hours. The draft is so fun - why waste it all in one night?

General thoughts? Has anyone ever done this on ESPN?

For me it would be tempting. I could review my team and everyone else’s and look ahead in the draft and come up with more of a gameplan on who to target or what I need on my team.

However, I know if I did that with my league, at least half the guys wouldn’t show up the 2nd night. They would draft their first 6 guys then not care or auto draft the rest.

What we do is kinda the same thing but a short break after round 6. We usually eat at that time and talk about everyone’s teams, offer trades etc. Usually 30-60 minutes is all it takes.

In the leagues I’m in, getting everyone to agree on ONE night is damn near impossible, but if you can swing it, this sounds ideal to me.

I think this is a great idea. But as commented, it can be difficult to get all the owners together for multiple nights. If your league is open to it , more power to you! We are still working on one night in my league. We have one issue where a couple owners live out of state, but am trying to get the remaining owners to meet up.

I really like the idea of a 30-60 min break in the middle as well. I think I may pitch that in my league.