Spooky Davante Adams story

…it was unlikely a dark and stormy night. I’m sure it wasn’t. Sept. 28, 2015. A young talented Davante gets injured with a grade 2 ankle sprain. Matching his timetable, he came back 4 weeks later. Excited, full of anticipation I trot him out there. Only to watch with unparalleled fear and terror as he proceeded to implode my team, dashing all hope a playoff run.

It’s obviously never one players fault a team fails. But with his obvious physical ability and (then) youth, on that team, I couldn’t not play him. As a decoy, if active at all the repeated ineffective performances directly contributed to my fall that year.

I’m not a physical therapist. But a grade-2
4-week ankle sprain apparently lingers.

A 4-week turf toe is going to linger.

He didn’t heal well when he was 22. That was five years ago. The Packers went 10-6. Rodgers still was around 4000 yards(3821). And they won their Wild Card but lost the divisional to ARZ. So they didn’t suck without him being full go.

Rodgers looks pretty good. I guess😋 They may only need some decoy. He’ll command attention.
I just hope it’s not a repeat for people banking on Adams.