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Spots avail for 12-team 0.5 PPR redraft league, draft tmr!


Very active commissioner, payments secured with leaguesafe. All of the details can be found on the league page:



What’s the buy in and is it league safe majority payout?


Would be interested… Yeah what’s payout? And cost

P. S… Date is bad for me… If date changes let me know


Buy-in is $80. I have LeagueSafe set to commissioner set payouts, but I can change that. I wanted to guarantee that the payout is according to the structure set pre-draft.

Full payout structure is on the league page - see link.

Draft may well change. We will push it back if we don’t get 12 on time.


I’ll play! Need another serious league. Email is jonathon.schreur@gmail.com


Invite sent.


I’d be interested if the draft is today


The draft has been postponed. Currently set to Tuesday evening, but if you join you can vote on a different day/time.


Bigez303@gmail.com I would join if space is available


Yes, there’s still room. I sent you an invite.


is there still an opening?


Yes. Currently 7 people have paid.


Any openings and any chance of drafting tonight (8:30 central time or later)? If so I am in and will pay immediately. Regardless, let me know when you are planning on drafting and if openings. brummk108@gmail.com


We’re full but the draft got delayed and may need alternates if someone can’t make the new draft time. Stand by…


Let me know, I would need draft earliest 8:00 Central Time


How about 8pm Pacific on Monday?


I have another one Monday at 9 my time so it will overlap combined with one of my monster children surely waking up i think it’ll be too much unfortunately


Could do tonight