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Spots open in keeper league


I’m a commish in a 12-team 2-keeper standard league in which 2 spots just opened.
It’s the fourth year of this league so you’d be inheriting a team
We’re planning on drafting next week; also we use idp
No buy in; completely free


Im a commisioner of my own keeper league. been running it for 6 years.
I’d be interested in joining possibly

Id love all the details of the league.
Like roster size
bench size
Keeper rules
Draft day and time and style
and rosters of two teams that are available

you can email me at Zrabenstein@gmail.com

Thanks. @Vanpratt


I would also like the same details. Walkercolethomas@gmail.com


33 PM


Keepers are your top 2 picks. You can keep 2, 1 or 0 players it’s up to you. Keeping 1 player would mean giving up your first round pick.


Draft day is September 6th at 8pm PDT. As for style we do live random snake as I believe 2 keepers isn’t enough leverage to go reverse from standings. it’s on nfl.com btw


19 PM
Team 1


48 PM
Team 2 available


@Fr0sty11 @Swingshot64 If you need anything else let me know otherwise frist come first served for team inheritance choice


@Vanpratt thanks for all the detail… I can’t make that draft time… So unfortunately I’m out…

Hopefully others can help you out.



I am interested in joining this league! If both teams are still available I would want team 2, but I will take team 1 if team two is no longer available. I can make the draft time.


@tmactruthers both teams are still available just give me your email so I can send you the invite


Great! email is tmac1845@gmail.com


@Vanpratt unfortunately, my schedule has changed for next week, and I would not be able to make the draft. Sorry, sounds like a fun league! Good luck filling the spots.


@tmactruthers no problem dude


@Fr0sty11 @Swingshot64 @tmactruthers Draft date has been moved to September 4th because it worked better for the people in the league so if you guys are interested both teams are still available