St. Arnold's Keeper League - who to keep?

So, my league (full PPR) uses an ‘odd’ keeper rule. We can keep 0-9 players every year. If you choose to keep 4 players those are your first 4 picks in the draft that year. So, that being said - most of the ‘good guys’ are gone before the draft starts.

Anyways, I’m deciding between these guys to keep…

Melvin Gordon
Lesean McCoy
Russel Wilson
Dez Bryant
TY Hilton

I’m for sure keeping Gordon. I’m wary of keeping McCoy, but he’s probably going to be kept too. I think I could get Russel Wilson back in the draft. Dez doesn’t have a team yet, and even if he did I don’t know if he’d be worth a keeper status. TY is an oddity. If Luck continues to improve, he could be a great asset to the team, but do I need to keep him?

What say you, ‘voice of public opinion.’