Stack woods/Cooks with Goff

I’m going to draft woods or Cooks for sure. I want to grab Goff (maybe a little early) round 8 or 9 if need be. How do you feel about this stack? Not big on stacks but ADP I like and I think Goff is taken late. Full PPR redraft.

I like any combo of this stack. I think a lot of people are sleeping on the Rams (based on everyone’s ADP) because of their performance in the Super Bowl. They were a great offense last year & I think they should be at the top of the league again.

Agreed man. All his WR go 4-5 rounds but he’s dropping back to 10th. I don’t like taking QBs early (1 QB league) but I’m grabbing one of his Ears and so I might as well grab him for that ADP too