Stacked bench needa drop 1

Stacked bench have to drop 1 - ppr

Got tre burton on bye

Keenan allen
John brown
Larry fitz
Corey Davis
Desean Jackson
Julien Edelman

Aaron jones
Keryon Johnson

In my eyes I think it’s fitz but that feels wrong, thoughts?

I think Fitz or D-Jax. I lean toward D-Jax because I don’t think he will be any good with Winston.

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I haven’t had a lot of success with trades since my league never does it, but maybe you can pair the Fitz name with another player to get something useful and open up a spot

Ya getting people to trade in most leagues is like pulling teeth, but ya I can try to trade djax or Larry and get either a tight end target or something

Yea it might benifit you to “over pay” for a player. Pair fitz and djax together might get you like a Demarius Thomas or even a Kenny galloday, could have gotten Cooper Kupp last week. Someone that a player doesn’t believe in or just likes your players name values.

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