Stacked team, except

16 teams. 5 offensive positions.

WR: Brandin Cooks (or Tyreek Hill)
RB: LeVeon Bell
TE: Rob Gronkowski
FLX: Alvin Kamara
1K & 4 IDP

Sounds great? It is !! but I traded Big Ben for Dak in W6 like I should have. (WHY?!!?)
I picked up Rodgers & stashed on IR for W15 (hopefully).

DECISION: W14 / Round 1 QB: Dak @NYG, Winston v DET, Siemian vs NYJ or Gabbert vs TEN
Gotta get thru one playoff game to get Rodgers & then I roll my league.

Thoughts ??

wow thats pretty rough.

I mean it sounds gross but Gabbert would be my call. They are at home and he will atleast get you 14-16. On the flip side Dak could get you 20+ but he could also get you single digits. So go gabbert and hope the rest of your team does well like it should

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