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Stacked up at RB! Should I start selling?


So I’m feeling pretty good walking away from my draft. I didn’t at the time but who does after drafting anyways?

I’m loaded on RB and doing okay at WR. Wondering if I should start selling a guy or two to grab an elite WR?

This is for a 12 Team Standard

RBs: Zeke, Marshawn, CJ, Doug Martin, Gillislee

Should I wait and see what the Muscle Hamster will do when he gets back before I trade? It’s gonna be hard giving up Zeke but I would for someone else elite and see if I can make it through the season? Should I try pairing one or two up for an elite?

Rest of my team:

QBs: Dak & Siemian
WRs: Antonio, Crabtree, Maclin, Jordan Matthews, JJ Nelson
TE: Kelce & Clay

Been running scenarios for a week or so but need some advice. Footclan Assemble!


strong 4 man league you got going on pal

edit: just kidding. keep an eye on zeke, he had an easy schedule last year and this years it looks tough. he didnt like being shut down by the broncos and thats worrysome going forward.


Unless you’re in a 3WR league since you’re in a 12 team I would try to improve my RB’s.

I like to also get an RB if I’m trading an RB since good ones are so hard to come by in standard format.

What top WR’s are you targeting?