Stacked with RBs what should I do?

I currently have a good amount of starting RBs I don’t know if I should hold them or try trading one or two, to upgrade other positions
It’s a 12 team ppr and I’m 3-1 here’s my team:

QB Wilson
RB Helaire, David Johnson, James Rob, Hunt, Kelley, Bell, and Edmonds
WR Evans, Hollywood, Justin Jefferson, Crowder, and Higgins
TE Mo Alie Cox and Tonyan
Def Rams
K Fairbairn

I was looking to trade Kelley to the Ekeler team for Terry McLaurin or Diggs

If not to that team then potentially to the team that lost Barkley for DHop I offered Hunt and Evans earlier before any injuries and he declined. Now idk who I’d offer for DHop

If not those targets what should I try to improve? Thanks for the input!

Normally yes make a trade. But the way this year has gone you are probably going to lose at least 2 of those to IR soon…

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@Badgertrav The thing is I feel like I should try to capitalize on the fact that I have a little too many starting RBs and now it’s probably a good time to trade one like Kelley James Rob or David Johnson

I was offered Ertz and Edelman for Hunt but idk if I want either of those guys for him

Bumping for more input

Yeah I agree ask for more. I think hunt could get you a low end WR1 alone. Like maybe Theilan or Mclurain. But with Evans hurt, aim for the highest WR that you’ll start week in week out.

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@Suntansuperman19 Do you think I can trade Joshua Kelley to the Ekeler team for Diggs or McLaurin?

Unfortunately, if I was the Ekler owner I wouldn’t. Simply because his values dropped due to his last couple games. I’d try and maybe you get lucky first. If they decline the maybe add in minor piece like Hollywood or Higgins. Im not in favor of 2 for 1 deals unless your getting the best player so I’d shoot for McLaurin.

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@Suntansuperman19 I’m gonna try and offer Hollywood and Kelley for McLaurin! Hopefully that works

@Suntansuperman19 also you’d try and do Hunt for Thielen even tho I have Jefferson?

I was more speaking about a Thielan level of WR not him specifically since you have Jefferson. I wouldn’t want 2 WRs from the same team unless they play Atl or Dal every week haha. But yeah hunt for any mid to upper WR1 is fair IMO.

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@Suntansuperman19 oh okay I see what you mean haha it’s cuz I got offered Thielen but haven’t chosen which to give up between Hunt James Rob Kelley or DJ I also got offered Hunt for Golladay or DJ Moore would you rather have Thielen or McLaurin over those guys?

I’m in a bit of the same thought as I’m sitting 3-1 and looking at the 0-4 team who is struggling bad at rb. I’m trying either get mclaurin or if I could swing it Metcalf I have the 1st waiver this week and could grab Chase Edmonds. Was thinking of selling high on Robinson either straight up for mclaurin or adding a draft pick for next year for Metcalf. Any thoughts?

Of those options, I’d go Kenny G, Thielan (but you already have Jefferson) then McLaurin . Thats my order of value. If you’re trading hunt straight up.

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I personally would keep Hunt for now. Chubb will be out most likely 6 weeks and Hunt’s talent will make him an every week starter RB1 with top 5 upside.

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I start with J Rob for Metcalf and see what they say. If they decline then settle for McLaurin nothing lower with no draft pick.

@recespieces31 The only thing is I might trade Hunt to capitalize on the depth I have especially since my WRs are a bit weak

@Suntansuperman19 I was thinking that too I’d like to keep Hunt out of the other few if I can’t get McLaurin for James Rob would u try Diontae Johnson?

Sure I think that’s ok. You’re buy the upside and he should be back this week without any injury things.

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@Suntansuperman19 Do you think James Rob for Golladay or Thielen is shooting too high? I could try adding Jefferson or Higgins to those trades

Hunt is involved in the passing game already and now he will increase his rushing workload as well. Hunt right now has massive upside and will not be scripted out of the game.

If your doing J Rob for Thielan add in Jefferson so you don’t double up on Min WRs but ask for another minor RB back.

Otherwise shoot for J Rob for Golladay first!

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