Stacking Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen

Hi Guys just wondering your thoughts on Stacking these two together as the way i anticipate the way my draft will go i will take Melvin Gordon at the 8 spot and probably end up with having to reach on another RB or take Keenan Allen.

I like them both respectively so i don’t see to much of an issue just worried when the chargers have a bad game i will lose out massively.

What are your thoughts

Pass. I don’t stack skilled positions on the same team. Severely limits your upside and adds unecessary variance. So you get more risk but less upside. Definitely don’t stack WR/WR or WR/RB. Every target that goes to Gordon is one not going to Allen and vice versa. Just take someone else it’s not worth it.

doesnt bother me. players are going to score when they score. you can have a bad pairing because one guys team just doesnt give him the ball in that matchup, and be on a completely different team. the only time it starts to sting is bye week time, but even then it doesnt matter if you are building depth like you should be. i stacked keenan and gordon last year actually, walked away happy most weeks because even if they cant score on the same time, or have the ball at the same time… they are still going to get their usage. yes, if the chargers have a bad week, they both will. but still, thats going to happen anyway. im not going to let the better talent go just because they are on the same team. thats like sayin na, i dont want bell. i already got AB.

Thats sort of what i was worried about but on the other hand if you dissect the players saying Gordon will get 300 touches and Keenan will see 150 targets but you you are doing that knowing they are taking it from each other so i feel i will probably end up taking Keenan Allen over the likes of AJ Green Davante adams or reaching for another RB.

Yeah i feel if the value is there ill take the value

Not saying you totally pass up or reach massively to avoid it. But I’d just rather pick up another pairing. Picking from 1.08 you have many other options. Fournette, cook, maybe kamara will be available.

Also, i’d happily take OBJ at the 1.08 and then pair him with keenan allen on the way back and do a double WR stack and go for rookie RBs later in the draft.

Our draft will be heavy on the RB so i think all the top guys will be gone and ill be looking at Mckinnon, McCaffrey, Mixon, McCoy and i don’t feel comfortable reaching on them.

Thats another reason i want to start the draft with a 3 down RB as i know they will fly off the board and ill be stuck.

Do whatever you’re most comfortable with. But if it is what you’re telling me, if you’re picking from that spot, that means the WR value is going to be massive. You can probably open with some sort of OBJ/Nuk or OBJ/MT and even go another WR after that and potentially open your draft with OBJ/Nuk/AJ Green and just smash late round RBs later in the draft. Upside on your team would be pretty insane and if any of your late round RBs turn into RB2s or Rb1s, you win the league.

I draft from the 8 spot as well in my 12 team standard league and this thought has crossed my mind. For me, I’m fine with taking both those players. I’ve also thought about taking Nuk(big Texans fan) or Fournette at number 8. I don’t quite see it as a stack though. Stack for me is like qb and wr/te. Say the chargers have 4 scoring drives and out of those 4, 2 TDs go to Gordon and 1 goes to Keenan. That’s a pretty solid week on top of their yards. I’m leaning towards Gordon/Fournette and Keenan/Thomas/Julio in round 2

So i had my draft and i went with Melvin gordon and Keenan

My team ended up (12 team half point ppr)
Cam Newton (Round 8)
Melvin Gordon (Round 1)
Rashad Penny (Round 4)
Keenan Allen (Round 2)
Stefon Diggs (Round 3)
Ronald Jones (Round 5)
Trey Burton (Round 7 )
Saints (Round 14)
Havent drafted a Kicker will pick one up week one
Tevin Coleman (Round 6)
Copper Kupp (Round 9)
Sterling Shepard (Round 10)
DJ Moore (Round 11)
Anthony miller (Round 12)
Kenneth Dixon (Round 13)
Peyton barber (Round 15) - Will drop him after training camp for a kicker

What do you guys think in a Dynasty format? I grabbed Allen in the 2nd and Gordon in the 3rd. There was no way I could turn Gordon down in the 3rd.

Part of my problem is I’m much higher on Gordon than the average person (like most listeners I assume) and Keenan I think is huge Dynasty value as a WR1. I’m just not sure if I can flip them for what I think they’re really worth.