Stacking Saints in a ReDraft Lague?

Drafted Kamara at 1.06 then took Michael Thomas coming back in the 2nd. Later grabbed Drew Brees in the 10th. All good values at the time but do I have too many Saints??

I think all 3 will be top 5 at their positions during the 4 weeks Ingram is out but am worried about rest of season…


Having 2 of a position is fine… But having 3 is just pushing your luck a little too much… Sure you will blow up some weeks but if they come up against a bad defense and all do bad that means 3 players didn’t do well for you and even if they have a good game… That might only equate to kamara doing well and MT and brees having a bad game.

So I might look to trade brees for another good QB or something… But if not… It’s not the end of the world… I just try to avoid 3 top players on same team… But am fine with 2

bump lol it worked for one week at least

Yes it did… Hopefully you didn’t do the 4 stack and play their defense… I did and they scored me -9…:sleepy:

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Saints Defense wrecked me. I limped to 1 win and if I can get 55 out of stafford, lynch, and gurley i’ll survive but i’m kicking myself for not having played Rivers.

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and Stafford was a dumpster fire. He’s going on the bench and is on the shortlist of cut candidates.