Stacking WR

Curious to what the #FootClan thoughts are about having wide receivers from the same team. In some mocks I have done, I’ve had the chance of getting the pair of Thielen/Diggs or D. Thomas/E. Sanders. Is this something I should look to avoid since these players are competing for targets, or ignore the teams they are on and draft based on the value of the pick?

Honestly, I have personally never liked the WR stack. Example last year I had Jones Jr. and Tate. I ended up trading Tate because it was killing me to have Jones blow up and Tate put up lacking numbers.

That said if you manage to get the change at Diggs and Thielen…I may take the chance on that combo.

That’s how I’ve felt about it in mocks. I do think Diggs and Thielen would be the only combo I’d feel comfortable stacking. Sent this Q to the ballers, hope they read it on the pod!

Don’t do it. It’s stupid. Very few teams can support 2 WR1s. I know there’s all this hype about Diggs and Thielen but tbh, Diggs will outperform thielen this year. Shurmer is gone, their Oline is trash, their defense is elite. They aren’t going to be this air raid offense that everyone thinks. Regression is coming for Thielen. Trust me. Why cap your upside by picking both of them when you can get others around similar value. I’ll take guys like Hilton around that range rather than stack Thielen.

If the value is right, I’d do it, but I would prefer not to

Personally, I wouldn’t advise this either. You’re effectively capping you weekly upside, if you start both of them. You’re almost always better off drafting another wr of the same tier that’s on a different team, or using that pick to find value at another position.