Staff, JJacobs, Kelce for Dak, Ekler, Andrews TRADE?

I gat dak side.

I think I like it because Jacobs and kelce schedule not that easy

everything is easy for Mahomes lol. But I would do it. I like Ekler over Jacobs with the pass catching and dak is an upgrade to staff but I do think staff is going to have way better days with Golladay back. Kelce will preform with Mahomes whether the schedule is tough or not imo. Andrews will have better days

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for me it depends on scoring of the league. if QBs are valuable (2 QB league or something) then i like it, if not give me the Kelce/JJ side by a lot.

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1 QB half point scoring pretty sure qb TD is 4pt

So we typically are a late round QB league

Ya, but even good staff probably not matching DAK. Also, I think I like ekler over jacobs with his schedule.