Stafford, Dalton, and Mariota

I have Stafford and Dalton on my Roster, but part of me wants to gamble and maybe go with Mariota vs the Bills this week.

The thing is i NEED this win

which of these would you guys want to start?

I am in the same boat. I have Dalton as my QB, but a part of me wants to stream Stafford off the waiver wire.

Its tough, Dalton has been doing well.

Stafford has been ok and has put up good games in GB before

Mariota is risky for me but they have the bills, and I think that offense might be a little bit better than how they started.

I’d stick with Dalton. Steelers defense has been destroyed through the air

Sorry idk what I was thinking, they play Miami! But I’d still stick with Dalton over the other 2, stick to the flames