Stafford is out - Golladay?

Should we be pivoting away from Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones with the news that Stafford won’t play?

The matchup already wasn’t great against the bears at home, and now without Stafford I’m not sure how I feel about this…

It feels bad to bench Golladay, but I have Christian Kirk and Golden Tate as options… do I pivot?

Half PPR

I have the same issue. Do I put in Woods over Golladay? This is a must win week for me so I am trying to think of who has the lower Floor.

Are you in a Floor win or need a big game to beat a better opponent?

I am in a must win situation also… 3-6 outside of the playoffs, I need to win every week going forward if I want to squeak in

My opponent has Carson, Godwin, Adams… but he also has Conner and Kittle out without great replacements

That is my exact situation, Driskel is a safe type of QB so I dont expect Golladay to have a monster game but he could be a safe outlet.

Hopefully some others will chime in …ESPN is talking about it right now and they said you still start Golladay

They are saying now that Stafford has fractured bones in his back - i dont think this is good for Golladay ROS lol

I would play Kirk over Golladay 100% at this point. Tate as well at least this week. A matchup against the dumpster fire formerly known as the Jets is juicy and both Engram and Shepard are out so let the feasting begin.

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Yeah, if they are holding him out now for this. they are not going to magically heal by next week. Let the trading begin.

McDaddykins that is what my thought is as well. I like Kirk and even Tate more than Golladay this week but Woods best week (With cooks or Cupp out) is a average week for Golladay. He has the ability to break a play open…woods has the ability to catch a 2 yard pass.

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I think this is woods’ best chance to actually have a solid week in awhile. Cooks out and Kupp getting most of the attention should benefit Woods. It’s not sexy and I may be biased but I can see a 7 for 85 with a TD game outta Woods

I would still play Golladay over woods this week. And most weeks I would still play Golladay over Tate and Kirk… it’s just this week he’s got a bad matchup and those two other guys have great matchups

I have golladay and Marvin Jones in seperate leagues. Golladay in standard, I could pivot to OBJ but don’t like him at all this year. Jones is half point ppr and I can go with golden gate. What do you all think

@Stos17 I like Tate this week for your choices. He’s been solid each week and is going against the Jets. With Shepard and Engram out, I think he gives you a good floor with a decent ceiling (ex. 6-102-1 NE game when both were out). Kirk has a great matchup, but feels like a boom/bust play. Golladay could be ok (Boyd was serviceable with Driskel last year) and might even go off for a solid game if Driskel hyper-focuses on him, but it’s definitely a big gamble against a good Chicago pass defense in Chicago.

I’m also wondering what the outlook on Golladay is going forward… I recently traded for him and was hoping to use him as one of my studs

I still start golladay, stafford is week to week and being a lions fan I’m fairly confident he only misses one week… dude is tough as nails and doesnt miss games… that being said his streak has ended and the lions likely lose, so maybe he sits longer… tough situation

Im in similar position. I just picked up Pascal and Josh Reynolds. I’m leaning towards still playing Golladay. What do you think?

I’m in the same boat man. Thinking I’m gunna roll with woods. They’re probably gunna have to throw a lot of short passes with that Steelers D.

Hope I’m right lol good luck man!

I feel like we will all end up regretting benching Golladay if we do lol

Well I’m happy I made the pivot to Tate… Kirk would’ve been equally good

All of the Options ended up working. Woods was the lowest of them all but I still got my W (assuming Diggs doesn’t have a 60pt game) so thats all that matters.