Stafford or Goff?

After last weeks Gurley explosion now I don’t feel confident starting Goff in my championship game would u start Goff in Tennessee or Stafford in Cincy?

I’m interested to see the answers to this as my finals opponent has this exact choice. I will hold off answering just in case you are the guy I’m playing, though I don’t think he knows about the Ballers. HA

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My name is Jason Fiorentino from NJ I doubt I’m your opponent lol

Ranked 10 and 11 via yahoo (i usually check 4 places including ballers). I’d check trends in points last 4 weeks to decide. Lions should stomp cinci and should have to do it through the air but they’re also the lions.

Nope, just wanted to make sure. Lol.

I would prolly go Goffing this week. I think that game will be a shootout and Tenn can’t stop the pass at all. They are pretty solid against the run

Yea for some reason last week also the lions thought they wanted to change their offense and try and run the ball instead of Stafford slinging away…

I have the exact same dilemma. I’m probably going with Stafford. He seems like the safer choice atm.