Stafford ROS?

With the Detroit running game gone, how safe will Stafford be ROS?

I have Lamar Jackson and Stafford, but if I can plug and play Stafford every week, then I’m going to consider shopping Lamar.

I mean Lamar has that safe floor with his legs but I wouldn’t mind stafford. It would really depend on what you can get for Lamar

Looking at Staffords ros schedule i doubt you can plug and play him.

If they cant establish run game opponents will focus on Stafford.

I keep my lamar and drop/trade Stafford after this week

Yea I was going to drop him after this week. No one trades for QBs in my league unless it’s a top 3 player like Mahomes or Lamar

So… what can you get for him?

Only bad matchup for Lamar ros is weeks 13 and 14 and those are also bad for Stafford so just keep Lamar