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Stafford, Smith, Roethlisberger


This is a 10 team standard point keeper league. I currently own Stafford, and Smith and Big Ben are available for free. In my opinion I dont have anyone to drop. Should I, or should I not pick up one of these two guys coming off Staffords terrible week 1. Possibly stash 1??. I feel like week 1 was a fluke…


I am literally in the same boat between stafford and smith… really the tilting point for me is the run game. Washington has a good run game so they may not have to rely on alex smith. The lions are garbage in the run game so they may not use it as heavily… do u have room on your roster to pick up smith?


Posted my roster above. Lions have Kerryon to lean on in the run game. I’m very high on Kerryon and believe he can make a difference. I don’t feel I do have room to drop


Keryyon is a great player but the lions are trash at running the ball with play calling on offensive line play, i just think if they cant get anything going, they will have to rely on stafford again


Idk maybe buck allen would be an okay drop just because of your depth and in your situation it might be okay to roster a second QB like smith


I like bilal powell as back up depth too